bleached fp-100c positive


bleached fp-100c negative


Bleaching Instant Negative

Why bleach a fuji negative when you already have a positive?

This is a great way to get a large format negative without having to go through the process of developing film! It’s much quicker.  Bleaching instant negative is fun!

Also the negative of any instant film holds more information than the positive print.
The image on the negative is sharper and usually a stop brighter.
Bleaching the negative can be tricky and difficult to master, like any hands-on process, which I like. The possibility of messing up is always there, but isn’t always a bad thing.
It can yield very interesting results. đŸ˜€
Things needed to bleach negative:
  1. Bleach, preferably the gel form
  2. Piece of glass, larger than negative
  3. Electrical tape
  4. Running water
  5. Place to dry negative
  6. 6. Paint brush or fingers!
  7. Fuji FP100c Negative