If you are not in Columbus (or cannot make it to our location), we can provide our services of processing, scanning, or enlarging via mail-in ordering. We can accommodate US and international orders.

To complete a mail-in order, you can either ORDER AND PAY ONLINE and send the film by mail with THIS WORK ORDER, or send us a check with your order. If you are a local Columbus Area customer, you can drop off, pick up and pay at OUR LOCATION.

We will usually charge you at the end of the process if there is printing or scanning involved. We accept cash, electronic transfers, checks, credit cards and PayPal.

If you order prints or scans with your film processing, but the negatives were not properly exposed (i.e., accidentally unexposed) we will not charge you for the service of scanning or printing. We will only charge for the processing. If you paid in advance, we will refund you that money in the same way you made the payment. To know more about our procedures please read our TERMS AND CONDITIONS