Film Processing


If you have any additional requests please write at the checkout in the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION / ORDER NOTES field. Those special requests are subject to confirmation and extra charge based on mutual agreement.

Before checking out, place as many orders as you have. For example if you have one slide film 35mm and one pushed +1 Stop 120mm and one non pushed/pulled 220, please make individual orders on each case.

We not offer slide film pulled or pushed since results are not consistent.

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At Columbus Film Lab we process black and white, color and slide film, using the best process and chemicals available.

Mail Order

If you simply want to mail your film to us, HERE you can find a Film Order Form. Just print it out and mail it within your film. Upon receiving your film we will contact you and keep you updated. You can also create an Electronic Order below by adding the quantity and type film you have to the cart and go through the checkout process. You have the option to pay ahead of time or we can send you a electronic invoice upon completion of the order which will include the return cost of shipping.


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